Bridgewood is a dynamic company established in 2007. The main activity of Bridgewood is advising and assisting companies and organizations on issues related to Europe, Africa and Asia . This advice covers a wide area. This area can be divided into : business mediation, advising Export / Import of goods , mediation of purchase / sale.

Bridgewood has broad expertise in the field of trade with Europe, Africa and Asia . The main bottleneck in trade with these countries is often the communication between the Western European companies and the customers and suppliers in Africa or Asia . Due to the extensive network in the area can make simple Bridgewood contacts. Moreover communicates Bridgewood fluent in Dutch, English, German, French, Arabic and Persian. In this way Bridgewood you accurate advise and assist in all your dealings with African or Asian companies.

In addition to its advisory activity Bridgewood is also engaged in project development and is a trading company for various products .